All rooms are furnished with beds, mattresses, closets, drawers study desks, and chairs.


Each building has a flat rooftop area where tenants can enjoy.

A large patio lined with grass creates the perfect relaxing outdoor layout for the common areas. Gazebo and lounge seating are located in this area. A bicycle rack that can secure up to 8 bikes is available to all tenants.


All units have wi-fi internet and LCD TVs.


Qualified maintenance staff will be available to solve any technical or mechanical query according to the needs of the tenants and will be available upon request.

Professional cleaning staff will be available on the premises every other week to provide a thorough cleaning service in the bathrooms, kitchens, and the common areas. Each tenant is responsible for cleaning their own rooms and washing their linens.


Tenants can use the washers and dryers located in the common areas free of charge. Front-loading electric washers and dryers are high-load capacity and low decibel for quiet operation.

Brooms, dust pans, cleaning mobs and vacuum cleaners are all available within the washer and dryer rooms. All tenants have access to the washer and dryer rooms to use the cleaning equipment.

Luggage, shoes, or any small personal belongings may be stored in the storing units (with locks) located within the premises of Island Condos.


The entrance of the condos has a Security Box and is protected by security staff in the evenings. There are alarm systems and numerous cameras around the premises.

Besides the security staff, the manager of the condos is available at the premises to assist the tenants with their queries during business hours.

Airport Transfers is available upon request. The manager  provides the tenants with the necessary information to arrange the airport transfer service.
Two-Day Bed with Terrace
Two-Day Bed
Two Bed (Bunk)
Triple Room
Quadruple Room